Key Features

Manage products and orders, check CS and settlements
comfortably at once on PopinBorder!

  • Product

    • Product management function
      • Automatic product inspection
      • Automatic linkage of new products
      • Automatic updates of product information
      • Automatic translation feature
    • Automatic pricing feature
      • Automatic response to exchange rate fluctuations
      • Automatic response to markup changes
      • Automatic response to other monetary changes
  • Order

      • Automatic order collection
      • Automatic order updates
      • Automatic claim management
  • CS

      • Automatic collection of CS inquiries
      • Integrated dashboard
      • Zendesk integration
  • Special function

      • Prohibited product management for import customs clearance
      • Personal customs code collection
        and verification function
      • Restrict and auto-cancel order
  • Marketing

      • Bundled product listing
      • Sales, promotion, coupon
        management features


Automation Integration Optimization

  • Automation

    Automatic product registration
    Products are automatically registered in all linked markets.
    Automatic inspections to meet and comply with marketplace policies.
    Automatic syncing function
    Product information of all items is automatically synced once a day.
    Inventory/price/sales status of all products is automatically synced every 45 minutes.
    Order Management Features
    Automatically collect new orders from all markets every hour.
    Order status values are automatically linked every hour.
  • Integration

    Integrated features
    PopinBorder is integrated with more than 17 major marketplaces in Korea.
    You can develop and use the system you are using in conjunction easily with PopinBorder.
    Supported integration with global platforms (Shopify, Channel Advisor, Zendesk, etc.)
  • Optimization

    Automatic translation
    Based on Google Cloud, product information, order information, delivery information, and CS contents are automatically translated.
    Automatic management function of prohibited items and orders
    All items are automatically inspected and verified in accordance with the Korean Ministry of Drug Safety.
    Orders with prohibited items are automatically canceled.
    Overseas Direct Purchase Specialized Function
    Customer Required Information (PCC) can be collected and validated.
    We can limit and automatically cancel orders that go above the
    duty-free amount.