Korean e-commerce Market

Now is the best time to enter Korean e-commerce!

  • Korea is the world's fifth largest
    e-commerce market in 2022

  • The world's No. 1 e-commerce market compared
    to the retail market (2021)

  • The world's second-highest
    e-commerce growth market (2020&2021)

  • The world's fourth-largest Internet usage
    rate – 97% (2022, Internet World Stats)

  • 7 out of 10 Koreans shop online (2021)

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Your product can be translated and processed according to the Korean market without any effort from your side.
Korean customers find and buy attractive products faster than anyone else.

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PopinBorder takes away the repetitive ecommerce work.
It automatically manages the Korean markets 24/7 including product registration, order collection, inventory, price, and sales status management.

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Optimization of direct purchases in Korea is only possible on PopinBorder. You can cut the guesswork not only from Korean consumer tendencies, but troublesome legal management becomes a breeze with PopinBorder's optimization function

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PopinBorder allows you to link your store with all marketplaces in Korea with just one link You can use PopinBorder in conjunction with any platform you currently use.

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No need to feel worried about the lack of know-how and manpower in the Korean e-commerce market,
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