Launched in 2000
Annual sales An estimated ₩20 trillion in 2021 (Gmarket Inc.)
Market share 12% in 2021 (Gmarket Inc.)
Monthly Active Users 10 million as of Dec. 2021 (Gmarket Inc.)
No. sellers 300K as of 2021 (Gmarket Inc.)
Promising sellers to make inroads:
Sellers mainly targeting those in their 30s and 40s
Sellers wanting to boost sales via hot deals, best prices, promotions


1. Key feature

Open market Gmarket Inc. grows through active partnership from the largest manufacturer to brand headquarters to overseas online stores
Strategic entry partnership with popular major players helps diversify products and increase consumer trust

2. Poppular category

Flagship categories reflecting  merits of Gmarket, Auction 
Gmarket ‘Fashion’,  Auction ‘Digital’

3. Commission
Gmarket & Auction Commission rates 3% ~ 15%

4. Unique service : Signature promotion ‘Big Smile Day’

As of Nov 2021, total sales volume records 17.8 million units, a 42% increase of daily order on average
Average sales for top 5 products hit ₩6.56 billion

Big Smile Day:
The largest shopping event that Gmarket & Auction & G9 hold on every May and Nov.

Smash-hit products on Big Smile Day in Nov,