Launched In 2008
Annual sales an estimated ₩10 trillion in 2021
Market share 6% in 2021
Monthly Active Users 9.3 million as of Dec. 2021
No. sellers 130K as of 2021
Promising sellers to make inroads:
Sellers with a variety of categories
Sellers wanting to boost sales via hot deals, best prices, promotions


1. Key feature

11st the only store to launch the Amazon global store in Korea
11st opened Amazon global store as a shop-in-shop last year. It is the first and
the only place that allows customers to directly access Amazon products in Korea. On top of that, Japan, Germany Amazons are slated for open.

2. Popular category
11st Fashion/Fashion-related products are the best in sales
brand-name goods and fashion keywords dominate shopping keywords

3. Commission
11st Commission rates 9% ~ 13%

4. Unique service : Signature promotion ‘11 Days Festival’
‘11 Days' daily transaction hit ₩200 billion 11st big on the best price

Over 11% of the total monthly transaction occurs in November when the 'Grand 11th Festival' is held. Apart from the festival in November, '11 Days'
taking place on the 11th every month draws the most traffic from customers through promotions like 'time deal' as they are ready for the '11 Days' promotion.